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This year's conference represents a unique fusion of two significant events: the International Conference for Youth, making its second appearance since its inception in 2015, and YOURS' 23, which celebrates its sixth occurrence since 2016. Together, these events create a powerful platform for showcasing research outcomes in youth development. In collaboration with The National University of Malaysia (UKM), this combined conference aims to foster even greater participation from both local and international presenters, all unified by the central theme of "Driving Inclusivity in Youth Mental Wellness."  The primary objective is to facilitate the exchange of research findings with a specific emphasis on youth mental health.

This program will feature a total of 12 presenters, comprising 8 local presenters and 4 international presenters. Following the program, a discussion will take place with mental health stakeholders, including Government, Private sector, NGOs, and others. The aim is to deliberate and strategize the formation of the "Declaration of Youth Mental Health." This proposed declaration will subsequently be submitted to the Malaysian Ministry of Health, serving as the primary framework for addressing mental health issues, particularly among Malaysia's youth.



Facilitating a platform

Facilitating a platform for diverse stakeholders to showcase and share research findings;

Fostering an environment

Fostering an environment for the exchange of ideas and scholarly dialogue regarding youth developmental matters;

Enhancing collaboration

Enhancing collaboration among academics, researches, and young individuals in the realm of social science research; and

Amplifying youth involvement

Amplifying youth involvement within the framework of fostering positive youth development.

Program schedule

23 to 24 October 2023 (Monday Until Tuesday)
9.00 am – 4.30 pm
DoubleTree by Hilton, Putrajaya
300 people
Day One
08.30 am - 09.00 am
: Registration of Participants and Presenters
: Arrival of YBhg. Ts. Dr. Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu
  Secretary General, Ministry Youth & Sports
: National Anthem Singing
: Dua Recitation
09.10 am – 09.20 am
: Keynote Address “Driving Inclusivity In Youth Mental Wellness”
By: YBhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Wan Kamal Mujani
Deputy Vice Chancellor of the National University of Malaysia (UKM)
09.20 am – 09.35 am
: Opening Remarks
By: YBhg. Ts. Dr. Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu
Secretary General, Ministry of Youth and Sports
: Group Photography Sessions
09.35 am – 09.40 am
: Presentation on
“An Overview of KBS's Initiative Addressing Youth Mental Health”
By: YBrs. Dr. Vellapandian Ponnusamy
Chief Executive Officer, IYRES
09.40 am – 10.00 am
: Coffee Break
10.00 am – 11.30 am
: Sub-Theme 1 Forum : Intrapersonal Skills
 (Featuring 1 Moderator and 4 Panels)
11.30 am – 12.00 pm
: Q&A Sessions
12.00 pm – 12.30 pm
: Life Experience: Untold Story Chapters – Part 1
12.30 pm – 02.00 pm
: Lunch Break
02.00 pm – 02.30 pm
: Life Experience: Untold Story Chapters – Part 2
02.30 pm – 04.00 pm
: Sub-Theme 2 Forum : Family & Society Support
 (Featuring 1 Moderator and 4 Panelists)
04.00 pm – 04.30 pm
: Q&A Sessions
04.30 pm
: End of Day One
Day Two
08.30 am - 09.00 am
: Registration of Participants and Presenters
09.00 am – 10.30 am
: Sub-Theme 3 Forum : Environmental & Facility Support
 (Featuring 1 Moderator and 4 Panelists)
10.30 am – 11.00 am
: Q&A Sessions
11.00 am – 12.30 pm
Sub-Theme 4 Forum : Policy Enhancement
 (Featuring 1 Moderator and 4 Panelists)
12.30 pm – 01.00 pm
: Q&A Sessions
01.00 pm – 02.30 pm
: Lunch Break
02.30 pm – 03.00 pm
: Life Experience: Untold Story Chapters – Part 3
03.00 pm – 03.30 pm
: Closing Remarks
 By: YBhg. Ts. Dr. Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu
 Secretary General, Ministry of Youth & Sports
: YOURS’23 Awards
: Group Photography Sessions
03.30 pm – 04.30 pm
: Coffee Break
: End of YOURS’23

Presentation's Scope

YOUR'23 encompasses four interconnected sub-themes directly associated with youth mental health concerns. A skilled moderator will oversee each discussion, with expert panelists drawn from diverse sectors like Government, Academia, Associations, NGOs, and others, offering comprehensive insights into mental well-being. The presentation scope for each sub-theme is as follows:

  1. Sub-Theme Intrapersonal Skills:
  • Understand the significance of youth in enhancing their spirituality in combating mental illness, as well as battling depression and promoting life-balance;
  • Understanding prohibited substances among youth for a healthy life;
  • Understanding in building youth behavior through a dynamic program; and
  • Understanding the inspiration of young people in fostering mental health from an overseas perspective.


  1. Sub-Theme Family & Society Support:
  • Understand the techniques used to manage emotions among young people;
  • Understanding the implementation by youth stakeholders to address the mental health problems of youth;
  • Understand the role of mental health advocacy campaigns by using film festivals; and
  • Understand the way to Creating methods that encourage interest in treating mental health issues through community-based treatment.


  1. Sub-Theme Environmental & Facility Support:
  • Understand government initiatives to help youth with psychiatric services;
  • Understand the role of parents in delivering sexual health education services;
  • Understand the psychological therapy among youth for the purpose of driving the nation's well-being; and
  • Raise youth awareness to free from violence & discrimination.


        4. Sub-Theme Policy Enhancement:

  • Designing a conducive workplace environment to achieve the best productivity;
  • Curbing mental problems in the family and environment ecosystem;
  • Understand foreign policies for addressing youth mental health issues; and
  • Build a prosperous youth future.


Program Outcomes

  • Highlighting the capacity to serve as a platform for deliberating Malaysian youth development concerns;
  • Enhancing cooperation among researchers on both domestic and global fronts;
  • Compiling participants' input into a document to enhance the government's strategy in averting youth mental health issues; and 
  • Curating youth development research articles for potential publication across various IYRES platforms.

Participation Fees

The overall target participants is 300 people and the fees as follows:

  1. Registration Date: 7 September – 20 October 2023
  1. Early Bird Until: 30 September 2023

           (Meals are provided, accommodation and transportation under own expenses)

  1. Fee:
  1. Student : RM100.00 per person
  2. Early Bird (Local Only) : RM250.00 per person
  3. Normal : RM300.00 per person
  4. Group (3 members and above) : RM250.00 per person
  5. International : USD100.00 per person

     4. Top Research Paper will be published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Youth Studies (APJYS) and Top 3             papers will be honored with Prestigious Awards.

Payment Methods

 1. Local Order
 A Local Order (L/O) should be made in the name of :
Bank Name
Malayan Banking Berhad (Putrajaya Branch)
Account Number
Bank Registration Number
Akta 668
 A Local Order (L/O) should be made in the name of :
Please inform us if payment is made via EFT.
Institut Penyelidikan Pembangunan Belia Malaysia
Bank Name
Malayan Banking Berhad (Cawangan Putrajaya)
Account Number
Bank Registration Number
Akta 668
Swift Code
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